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Blogging – everybody’s doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it – so why not you? I mean, it can’t be difficult can it, even people with the least amount of computer knowledge seem to be able to run a blog. Fact is, it’s getting easier and easier to blog these days, especially if you choose to use one of the free blogging sites, and why wouldn’t you . . . there are plenty of computer geeky types who are quite happy to do all of the hard work meaning that you don’t have to.

How To Blog

The first thing you’ve gotta’ do is to get your blog up and running. As I’ve already said this is very, very easy. All you need to do is to find a free blog site – WordPress is a popular one, LiveJournal and Blogger are a couple more. Anyway, go onto their website, hit the “create account” button and you’re up and running. You’ll be able to upload videos, pictures, write about whatever floats your boat, hit publish and it’s there for all the world to see.

Next comes probably the most difficult part of blogging, well, it is for some people anyway. The most important part of writing on any blog is to make it interesting for other people to read. It must be well written, no spelling errors (which is why some bright spark invented the spellchecker button . . . use it), remember to use your subject keywords as many times as you possibly can whilst still making the blog interesting to read, this will help to get your blog listed highly in the rankings, in turn increasing the number of visitors and readers. Short sentences are better than long sentences. But they’ve gotta’ make. Sense.

Remember to update your blog often, it doesn’t matter about adding something new every single day, but you should update your blog at least a couple of times per week so that your band of readers will keep coming back to read your latest pearls of wisdom.

Why Blog

Oops, maybe I’ve started this page in the middle of the story. Why on earth does anybody want to blog anyway? People start blogging for many different reasons, some people get addicted, some actually make a good living at it, some people just write a blog as a means of keeping in touch with family and friends from across the world . . . all of the latest piccies of the latest addition to the family for Grandma (presuming that somebody has shown Grandma how to work the computer).  So, what are the main reasons why people do start a blog?

  • Blogging gives you a great opportunity to express yourself, your opinions, your thoughts, say what you think and be heard – that’s if anybody reads it anyway.
  • Blogging is a great way to promote or market something, whether it’s you, your business, a service or a product, get it out there with a blog.
  • Blogging is also a good way to help people, reliving your own experiences, how you coped and what you learned can help others who are experiencing something similar. This is how lots of health related and parenting blogs first started life.
  • Blogging is a good way to get your name up there and establish yourself as a bit of an expert. It’s a great way of expanding your online presence and getting your name out there.
  • Blogging is also a fantastic way of bringing like minded people together, blog about your passion, sharing your thoughts and opinions with people who are passionate about the same sorts of things.
  • Blogs can also be used to try and direct the way that people think . . . I’m thinking particularly about political blogs here!
  • Blogging is a terrific way to stay in touch with friends and family, no matter where they are in the World. It’s a simple and fun way to share stories, videos, photos etc.
  • Blogging can actually make you some pretty serious money too. Now, don’t get carried away, the majority of bloggers do not make any money blogging, nor is that their intention, but there is the potential to make some serious bucks blogging, it’ll take lots of practice and lots of patience but it can be done.

What is A Blog

Told you this page was a little bit upside down. What is a blog? Well, you might have noticed by now that a blog can be lots of different things. You can blog about whatever you like.

The word “blog” really means “weblog” . . . a bit like “capains log” on Star Trek – it’s a diary, can be updated daily, can be updated weekly – can be updated whenever you can think of something interesting to say. Blog posts are generally short and to the point, I’m not sure whether it’s the bloggers themselves, or the blog readers who have a short attention span – ermmm, what was I saying?

Blogging Software

So we’ve just about covered the subject of blogging. We’ve established what a blog is, that blogging is easy, that blogging is fun and that millions of people blog every day for many different reasons. So what about blogging software? What’s that all about? Well, the blogging software is what makes blogging easy, it’s how millions of people are able to blog every day, because, believe it or not, the majority of bloggers are not computer experts. Blogging software is specifically designed so that you or I, or anybody else can easily create and maintain a blog. Blogging software supports;

  • blog editing
  • blog publishing of posts and comments
  • image management etc. etc.

Popular blogging software includes WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal etc. etc.

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